Recruiting 101: Questions to Ask About Time Management

By Ashley Wheeler

When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your college experience, there are multiple questions to be asked that can provide additional insight to help in making a decision. The NCAA Eligibility Center’s Guide For The College-Bound Student-Athlete suggests asking these questions when it comes to time management and what to expect from an institution as a student-athlete:


  • Would the time demands of being on this sports team allow me to pursue the academic major of my choosing? Why or why not?


  • What does the typical team travel look like (for example, mode of transportation, duration of trip, percentage of day dedicated to academics?)


  • What resources would be available to me as a student-athlete to help with my time management skills?


  • What does a typical day-week look like when the team is in season and how does that compare to a day-week during the offseason?


  • What are the major requirements or expectations of being on this team that I may not be aware of?


  • Would I have time in the offseason to pursue interests outside athletics (for example, internships, study-abroad experiences, etc.)? If yes, how much?