Let the College Coaches Chase You

By Ashley Wheeler

We know you are eager to start your search for the perfect college, but do consider your academic interest along with the best place for you to truly achieve success and great satisfaction playing the game you love.

In our experience over years of helping kids find the  right match with a college or university, you are better off if the coach finds you and shows interest in your talent than if you try to sell yourself. When you do that, you might be diminishing your options for getting scholarship money.

If you initiate first contact with a college coach, you lose the leverage in negotiating for scholarships. The power is always with the person who received contact first.

We deliver your information directly to the college coaches. Unlike other recruiting services, the coaches don’t have to login to a site and search for you. We make sure they see your information up front and center.

In other words, with American College Connection (ACC), the coaches don’t have to go to the store to go shopping. We deliver your info directly to them. As former college volleyball coaches and student-athletes, we understand what the coaches are looking for in a recruit and we are the best in class at selling your potential. For more than 17 years, we have been a part of many student success stories. 

We can almost guarantee that college coaches will look at your information when they receive it from ACC.