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Kaki Christensen Gives Her Verbal to UVA

By Melynda Nash

Check out the latest article about one of our swimmers in SwimSwam!

Manners in the First Degree

By Lori Payne

The old saying, "first impressions" could not be more true when you have your first contact with your potential college swim coach.This is a formal interview; your tone, demeanor, interest in their school and manners, must be positive and well spoken.  This is all indicative of their first impression of...

Selling Your Potential

By Rick Paine

College coaches base a lot of their recruiting on a swimmer’s potential. Any good coach wants to believe they are recruiting a swimmer who they can help get faster. They are all looking for swimmers who are “headed in the right direction.”So how do you present your potential to college...

How New NCAA Rules are Affecting Scholarship Offers

By Rick Paine

A couple of years ago the NCAA changed its rules to allow coaches to guarantee scholarships beyond the first year. Some coaches do and some don’t. If a coach doesn't offer a guarantee, then you need to ask. Guarantees should be listed on the scholarship agreement form. Usually, but not...


By Rick Paine

Editor’s Note: Approximately 31% of college coaches in charge of recruiting responded to the survey. Approximately 79% of the respondents were NCAA Division I coaches.For years we have been reading about football, basketball, soccer, volleyball (etc. etc.) players committing early to a university. Swimming has finally jumped on the bandwagon as we...


By Rick Paine

The answer is you don’t because most coaches don’t know. You can usually count on the first offer not being their best offer, but where do you go from there?College recruiting changes on a daily level throughout the year, but it changes on an hourly level in the fall. You...

Recruiting in Plain English - Signing Periods, Official Visits, and Commitments

By Donny Brush

The recruiting process can be quite confusing. From registering with the NCAA Eligibility Center to signing an NLI, there are so many steps in the process. Here is a breakdown of times/ dates to help you understand the "official visits" and "signing" parts of the recruiting process.Fall signing period: When: November 8-15, 2017...

SAT Testing Dates for 2017-2018

By Melynda Nash

SAT Testing Dates  

ACT Testing Dates for 2018

By Melynda Nash

ACT Testing Dates:

New NCAA Rule Changes in Plain English

By Donny Brush

  The NCAA passed new rules yesterday that will have a huge effect on recruiting. Our own NCAA Compliance Director spent several hours on the phone with the NCAA to make sure of our interpretation of the new changes.   This only affects Division I programs.   The new rules...

The Importance of Extra Curricular / Volunteer Activities for the College-bound Athlete

By Melynda Nash

Juggling sports, academics and community service can lead to quite a hectic schedule for high school students; however, for the college-bound student these days, it is a must.  According to, it does not matter what a student chooses as his or her volunteer work or extra-curricular activities, rather they...