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We were grateful to have American College

By Melynda Nash

We potentially could have figured out how to navigate the recruiting process, but it was one more thing we would have had to add to our overflowing to-do lists. We were grateful to have American College Connection and Rick as a partner. His familiarity with the unspoken rules of the...

ACC has been an invaluable service to our family during the recruiting process - The Reno's

By Melynda Nash

ACC has been an invaluable service to our family during the recruiting process.  It's their knowledge of the whole process that gave us confidence.  Their expertise, professional experience and contact within the college swimming world was invaluable.  Donny was open, honest and professional in all aspects of the recruiting process. ...

A Reality Check on Grades...Are You Affordable?

By Rick Paine

I know this may be hard for some of you to admit, but mom and dad were right......................... Grades Do Count    College coaches will look at your times first to see if you can help them and then immediately look at your grades. Recruits with good times and good...

Lori helped us understand the very complex process of recruitment

By Melynda Nash

We enjoyed working with Lori Payne and ACC Recruits.  She built a great relationship with our son and was always available to answer questions via text, email, and phone.  Lori helped us understand the very complex process of recruitment to swim at the college level.  She helped our son contact...

How to Separate Yourself from the Thousands of Recruits Out There

By Rick Paine

The odds of getting recruited and swimming in college are pretty slim. It has been estimated there are well over 40,000 high school senior girls and over 35,000 senior boys who want to swim in college every year. This is counting high school, club and international swimmers and the number...

Excellent Resources for the International Student

By Melynda Nash

Coming to the United States to achieve your collegiate and athletic dreams can be both very exciting and very stressful! DO NOT PANIC! This document gives you step by step directions including links to access all of the information you need. 1. Register for the NCAA Eligibility Center – This is...

Manners in the First Degree

By Lori Payne

The old saying, "first impressions" could not be more true when you have your first contact with your potential college swim coach. This is a formal interview; your tone, demeanor, interest in their school and manners, must be positive and well spoken.  This is all indicative of their first impression...

Selling Your Potential

By Rick Paine

College coaches base a lot of their recruiting on a swimmer’s potential. Any good coach wants to believe they are recruiting a swimmer who they can help get faster. They are all looking for swimmers who are “headed in the right direction.”So how do you present your potential to college...

How New NCAA Rules are Affecting Scholarship Offers

By Rick Paine

A couple of years ago the NCAA changed its rules to allow coaches to guarantee scholarships beyond the first year. Some coaches do and some don’t. If a coach doesn't offer a guarantee, then you need to ask. Guarantees should be listed on the scholarship agreement form. Usually, but not...


By Rick Paine

Editor’s Note: Approximately 31% of college coaches in charge of recruiting responded to the survey. Approximately 79% of the respondents were NCAA Division I coaches.For years we have been reading about football, basketball, soccer, volleyball (etc. etc.) players committing early to a university. Swimming has finally jumped on the bandwagon as we...


By Rick Paine

The answer is you don’t because most coaches don’t know. You can usually count on the first offer not being their best offer, but where do you go from there?College recruiting changes on a daily level throughout the year, but it changes on an hourly level in the fall. You...

SAT Testing Dates

By Melynda Nash

SAT Testing Dates Click here to find this year's testing dates and deadlines:        

ACT Testing Dates

By Melynda Nash

ACT Testing Dates:        

New NCAA Rule Changes in Plain English

By Donny Brush

  The NCAA passed new rules yesterday that will have a huge effect on recruiting. Our own NCAA Compliance Director spent several hours on the phone with the NCAA to make sure of our interpretation of the new changes.   This only affects Division I programs.   The new rules...

Did ACC help guide them to their ultimate decisions for which college to choose?  The answer is yes!  - Bryan Schultz, parent

By Melynda Nash

We first heard about ACC at a swim meet a couple years back. Knowing we were at the beginning process of researching colleges for our son and trying to make a plan, I looked into ACC and what they could offer us. I also conferred with other parents I knew...

The Importance of Extra Curricular / Volunteer Activities for the College-bound Athlete

By Melynda Nash

Juggling sports, academics and community service can lead to quite a hectic schedule for high school students; however, for the college-bound student these days, it is a must.  According to, it does not matter what a student chooses as his or her volunteer work or extra-curricular activities, rather they...

Your help has been immeasurable! - Stacey Hansen, parent

By Melynda Nash

What a crazy process. I want to thank you for your guidance and patience. Your help has been immeasurable. The endless hours of emails, calls, and visits were worth it. Without the framework of visits and knowledge, we built over the past 18 months of active recruiting Ginger may never...

Your service came highly recommended by another family of Hannah’s swim club and you didn’t disappoint!

By Melynda Nash

Hi Rick and Team We just want to thank you for all your help in finding the perfect school for our daughter Hannah  Your service came highly recommended by another family of Hannah’s swim club and you didn’t disappoint. You helped Hannah find and secure a scholarship at her number...

Rick and his team truly experts in their field. ~ Brenda Barkhuizen

By Melynda Nash

ACC connected us with Limestone U. where Dylan receive a substantial scholarship and signed with them in November. Limestone notified us in April that they were dropping their swim program. We are so thankful for ACC sticking with us and helping Dylan find another university and scholarship at such...

“Watch” What You Eat! by Matt Snow

By Melynda Nash

  For most people, eating three square meals a day is not a bad way to eat. However swimmers are not like most people. In fact, swimmers aren’t even like most athletes when it comes to calorie requirements. When a dedicated swimmer decides to become truly mindful of what and...