Injuries Can Affect the Recruiting Process

By Kelly Klein

Injuries that occur prior to college can effect the recruiting process. College coaches can be reluctant to bring on students who have suffered injuries. However, injuries do not have to the be the end of your swimming or diving career. They also do not have to dictate your ability to get accepted in the college of your dreams.

During the recruiting process should you tell the college coaches about injuries? Most coaches will ask about prior injuries. When you sign on with ACC, we will help you to explain an injury to a coach so that it doesn’t jeopardize your recruiting opportunities. We will help you find the best way to explain your injury and let you know when and if you should volunteer this sensitive information.

Our goal is to be transparent with the coaches we work with, while also ensuring the highest likelihood of success for all of the students that we help through the recruiting process. Don’t let your injury be a hinderance in attending your dream school, ACC can help.