How to Separate Yourself from the Thousands of Recruits Out There

By Rick Paine

The odds of getting recruited and swimming in college are pretty slim. It has been estimated there are well over 40,000 high school senior girls and over 35,000 senior boys who want to swim in college every year. This is counting high school, club and international swimmers and the number...

Video Instructions

By Melynda Nash

Click on the file below to download your instructions for taking race video.  It is important to read through the entire instructions so you know where to upload your videos and how to fill in the description of your video.  If you have any questions, please email me at melynda@ACCrecruits.comThanks!

When do I Start the College Recruiting Process?

By Rick Paine

This is a question that every swimmer who wants to swim in college is faced with. Too many times swimmers and their parents don’t consider this question early enough and lose a great number of options for colleges because they waited too long.Being a former Division I Associate Head Coach...

Excellent Resources for the International Student

By Melynda Nash

Coming to the United States to achieve your collegiate and athletic dreams can be both very exciting and very stressful! DO NOT PANIC! This document gives you step by step directions including links to access all of the information you need.1. Register for the NCAA Eligibility Center – This is a...

Manners in the First Degree

By Lori Payne

The old saying, "first impressions" could not be more true when you have your first contact with your potential college swim coach.This is a formal interview; your tone, demeanor, interest in their school and manners, must be positive and well spoken.  This is all indicative of their first impression of...

Never Call a Coach “Dude”

By Rick Paine

Getting recruited is a once in a life-time opportunity. You will never go through a process like this for the rest of your life. It is a privilege and an honor. If you treat it as such then you will come across to the college coaches with respect and maturity. College...

Fueling for Success

By Rick Paine

Competitive swimming is certainly one of the most physically demanding sports there is. Just ask a football player to try one of your workouts. I know tons of swimmers who train their tails off, go to practice at 5:30 in the morning, train on Saturday and Sundays, compete in meets...

When is my club swim coach going to get me recruited?

By Rick Paine

Your club coach plays a very important role in getting you recruited. They coach you in the pool to help you get fast enough to get recruited. Without them you would not have the opportunity to swim in college.How much more can you expect from them?In my 30 year coaching...

A Reality Check on Grades...Are You Affordable?

By Rick Paine

I know this may be hard for some of you to admit, but mom and dad were right.........................Grades Do Count  College coaches will look at your times first to see if you can help them and then immediately look at your grades. Recruits with good times and good grades are much...

Resources for Writing the College Application Essay

By Melynda Nash

This link takes you to a blog that will help you break down each of the essay prompts on the Common App and gives you some great ideas on getting started. is a power point which introduces you to the Common App prompts and helps you with brainstorming for...