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American College Connection would like to congratulate one of our ACC team members, Penny Heyns for being named Chairman of the FINA Athletes Committee. Penny serves as ACC's International Director of Swimming.

By Melynda Nash

For information about Penny's services go to: an international swimmer, Penny Heyns established herself as the world’s greatest female breaststroker of the 20th Century by becoming the only woman in Olympic history to win both the 100 and 200 meter breaststroke events in Atlanta 1996, bronze in Sydney 2000 and...

When do I Start the College Recruiting Process?

By Rick Paine

This is a question that every swimmer who wants to swim in college is faced with. Too many times swimmers and their parents don’t consider this question early enough and lose a great number of options for colleges because they waited too long.Being a former Division I Associate Head Coach...

Manners in the First Degree

By Lori Payne

The old saying, "first impressions" could not be more true when you have your first contact with your potential college swim coach.This is a formal interview; your tone, demeanor, interest in their school and manners, must be positive and well spoken.  This is all indicative of their first impression of...

Selling Your Potential

By Rick Paine

College coaches base a lot of their recruiting on a swimmer’s potential. Any good coach wants to believe they are recruiting a swimmer who they can help get faster. They are all looking for swimmers who are “headed in the right direction.”So how do you present your potential to college...

Fueling for Success

By Rick Paine

Competitive swimming is certainly one of the most physically demanding sports there is. Just ask a football player to try one of your workouts. I know tons of swimmers who train their tails off, go to practice at 5:30 in the morning, train on Saturday and Sundays, compete in meets...

How New NCAA Rules are Affecting Scholarship Offers

By Rick Paine

A couple of years ago the NCAA changed its rules to allow coaches to guarantee scholarships beyond the first year. Some coaches do and some don’t. If a coach doesn't offer a guarantee, then you need to ask. Guarantees should be listed on the scholarship agreement form. Usually, but not...


By Rick Paine

Editor’s Note: Approximately 31% of college coaches in charge of recruiting responded to the survey. Approximately 79% of the respondents were NCAA Division I coaches.For years we have been reading about football, basketball, soccer, volleyball (etc. etc.) players committing early to a university. Swimming has finally jumped on the bandwagon as we...

ACT Testing Dates for 2017-2018

By Melynda Nash

ACT Testing Dates:

SAT Testing Dates for 2017-2018

By Melynda Nash

SAT Testing Dates