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Let the College Coaches Chase You

By Melynda Nash

We know you are eager to start your search for the perfect college for academics first and foremost, but also for your stellar athletics. However, you should not chase college coaches. When you do, you chase scholarship money off the table. Let us get them to chase you.    ...

Handling the Pressure of Decision Deadlines

By Rick Paine

Hopefully most of you seniors are starting to feel some pressure to pick a school. Pressure can be a good thing because it means that you have options. You have taken an official recruiting trip to one of your favorite schools so now what happens? As soon as you get...

Injuries Can Affect the Recruiting Process

By Kelly Klein

Injuries that occur prior to college can effect the recruiting process. College coaches can be reluctant to bring on students who have suffered injuries. However, injuries do not have to the be the end of your swimming or diving career. They also do not have to dictate your ability to...

NCAA Rules in Plain English

By Kelly Klein

The Division I rules manual is nearly 400 pages long. Even if you had the time to invest into reading the manual, you would need an attorney to interpret all of the rules. Our ultimate goal at ACC is to keep you informed. We will give you consistent updates on...

Selling Your Potential

By Kelly Klein

College coaches are approached by athletes constantly. These busy coaches often don’t have the time to invest into looking at each student closely enough to realize their true potential. We can guide you in this process to bypass all of the noise to get your name on the minds of...

Getting You the Best Scholarship Offers

By Christy Jobman

According to collegeswim.com, there are approximately 32,000 high school senior girls and 30,000 high school senior boys who want to swim in college every year. This does not include the approximate 8,000 internationals girls and 9,000 international boys who want to come to the U.S. every year.Also according to collegeswim.com,...

The Importance of Academics

By Christy Jobman

It is crucial when selecting a college to find a perfect fit for both academics and swimming or diving. While some of you may go on to swim or dive after college, many will end up taking on professional careers, which is where a strong academic background will come into...

We educate our swimmers and parents about what they need to do to get recruited

By Melynda Nash

This is an example of how we educate our swimmers and parents: From a D-I coach: Just got off the phone with Noah. Very impressive kid. I’ve never spoken to a PSA who has done that much homework ahead of time. He knew our graduation rates, gpa, national rank over...

We have stellar relationships with our college coaches!

By Melynda Nash

Rick knows every college coach in the country and has excellent relationships with them. Here is an example of emails we receive from coaches: Thanks for your help in getting this team rebuilt.  I know I haven’t thanked you enough for the opportunities, guidance and mentorship you given me over...